Ana Sayfa Head of Human Department - İlan no 747068

    Head of Human Department – İlan no 747068


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    Net danışmanlık

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    If you believe you’re the right person to kick-start an unordinary and unique Human Department (elsewhere known as “HR) at Getir…if you’re brave, determined, curious, human-loving, plainly awesome, and lastly a little bit crazy, you will shape Getir. You will play a significant role in how Getir makes the world more efficient and enjoyable.

    Getir expects you to be honest, so we’ll start off with honesty: working in Getir is stressful and demanding. Expectations are high and the bar keeps being raised just as you’re about to get there. At Getir, you’ll be challenged and frequently pushed to your limits.

    Growth comes with growing pains. Getir is not that experienced in managing and developing this large of a workforce, thus they need a Human Department now more than ever before. They think if they fail in this area, they’ll fail as a company. It’s vital to their success and growth.

    What Getir Expects From You

    • Be a good human being
    • Do big things
    • Challenge yourself, challenge Getir
    • Be a normal human being, not a corporate HR person
    • Develop yourself and the people around you
    • Be genuine, honest, and trust-worthy
    • Don’t think outside the box. Disregard the existence of the box
    • Build and lead a brand-new team within the company
    • When necessary, go beyond and do (ethical) things you never thought you would have to do
    • Learn from us, but also teach us

    Aday Özellikleri;

    • University or relevant experience. Fancy university names don’t impress us, solid characters do.
    • Experience in “HR”, but don’t bring corporate HR to Getir. They want you. Not your former company
    • Spectacular English. They are building an international team
    • Great jokes and stories
    • Positivity. Positivity. Positivity.
    • Must have found a solution to what once seemed to be an unsolvable problem
    • Not a “can do” mindset, but rather a “will do” mindset
    • Mad table-tennis skills
    • Respect for time and a skill for managing it
    • Passion for things outside of work
    • A love for humans

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