First in the new year sessions of the working group and General Meeting of the International Association “TITR” held in Baku


January 15-17, 2019, field sessions of the working group and General Meeting of the Association of Legal Entities “International Association “Trans-Caspian International Transport Route” were held in Baku (Azerbaijan).

By the decision of the General Meeting the composition of Managing Board of the Association was changed, Chairman of the Management Board “NC “Kazakhstan Railways” JSC Sauat Mynbayev was voted as a Chairman of Managing Board of International Association “TITR”.

In the frameworks of the sessions, the participants of General Meeting received the information of the Association’s performance results for 2018, accepted development plans and cargo transportation volumes of TITR (Middle Corridor) for 2019, discussed internal issues related to the activity of the Association.

TITR cargo transportation plan for 2019 is strongly focused on the increasing of the volumes of cargo transporting by container service with a target to reach the level of 60 thousand containers TEU (in 2018 the traffic exceeded the planned 15,000 TEU). In order to develop and enhance the customer service of container traffic on the section of Aktau – Baku (Alyat) – Aktau, that will be operated by regular feeder container service, which for the first time on the Caspian Sea was established by Middle Corridor in April 2018.

The participants of the working group session have adjusted TITR tariff rates for transportation of different types of cargo for 2019, considered joint measures with the single transport operator of Middle Corridor – the International Trans-Caspian Transport Consortium (ITTC), which are intended for further improving transportation technology and attracting new cargo volumes to the TITR.